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Get That Job Queensland
Get That Job Queensland
20-Jul-2015 12:0:54
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Get That Job Queensland
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Tanya Nissen
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046 938 0439
Having over 16 years of experience in recruitment across a variety of industries from junior level to senior management and having read literally hundreds of resumes and cover letters ..... it became apparent very quickly that many people just don't get the purpose of these documents and could seriously be hurting their chances of getting an Interview by not providing what the employer needs to make a decision on who they are going to shortlist ... and who they are not!

With so many people looking for employment and therefore employers often receiving hundreds of job applications for just one job, it is so important that you get this right.

Using my experience as a Recruiter and also a Manager, I would love to help you by reviewing or writing your Resume to ensure it stands out from the crowd and does the job a Resume should. I can also review what you are including in your current Cover letter (if you have one) and see where we can work together to improve your chances of securing an interview.

I am friendly and approachable and strongly believe that Your Success is my Success. I would love to help you on this journey.

Prices are available on our Website and Facebook page.

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